Client Comments

“Jim has a vast experience in all areas that allows him to be extremely effective in knowledge transfer related to media communications and emergency crisis management. His effectiveness is a function of experience and practice.”
Senior Manager, Dofasco

“I remember when High River public relations were a disaster when it first happened and then they started communicating much better after you arrived. You might refer to those two times as BS and AS. AS refers to After Stanton and Before Stanton was BS!”
Graham Bowers, Vancouver

“I learned more practical information in one day with Jim and Annette about media relations than I did in three years at university.”
Fort McMurray Communications Officer

“Jim is an expert at helping organizations ensure that they have solid plans in place, are able to manage dynamic situations and are capable of communicating to all stakeholders in real time.”
CEO, City of Calgary

“I was really nervous about today but Jim put us all at ease and made the day a lot of fun. Great information, great stories and tips that will stick with me. The best training course I have ever been on.”
Senior Communications Advisor, City of Brampton

“Extremely interesting, engaging and informative. Made me eager to listen and learn more – training is normally SO boring!”
Manager, Main Road Group, BC

“Rod and Jim shared great real world examples. Their vast experience incorporated well into the course content and provided for great group discussion. The course was delivered extremely well.”
Planning Coordinator, Alberta Government

“What a terrific workshop. Jim is stellar presenter and knows how to share his wealth of experience. He uses real-life examples to reinforce the workshop content.”
Communications Consultant, Saskatoon, SK

“Jim is a superb communications guru.”
Senior Communications Officer, Wellington County

“Paula and Jim are clearly knowledgeable on the topic. Interesting to listen to. Appreciate the adherence to time schedule.”
BC RCMP Officer

“Jim and Cam make you feel positive about your ability to interact effectively with the media. Great course.”
BC Natural Resources Officer

“Jim Stanton was excellent at providing a very enlightening presentation that was informative and beneficial. There was never a down moment because he kept us engaged for the whole day.”
Communications Manager, City of Vancouver

“Jim is very calm and confident, hard to imagine him getting flustered … ever! Very motivational person.”
Barrie, ON, Fire & Emergency Services Officer

“The Stanton Method is a powerful tool to help jog your memory when dealing with the media and communicating with the public.”
HSSE Supervisor, Sarnia, ON

“I am ready, I have my messages, release the media hounds.”
Alberta Crown Attorney

“Jim is the Tom Brokaw of media relations in Canada.”
Hamilton Police Officer

“This was the best two-day workshop I have attended in my twenty-three year career.  Everyone should take it.”
Manitoba Provincial Deputy Minister

“I loved the fact that it is so current, we talked about the use of social media and its impact on crisis communications.”
Washington DC, U.S. Homeland Security Official

“Very informative, learned to stay calm as Jim has a calm demeanor
(until he starts asking questions on camera!).  Drove home the need to
have a strategic communications plan in place.”
Victoria Food Services Manager

“Took a ‘haunted house’ and turned it into a ‘bouncy castle’.  Way to go!”
Warren Smith, Rural Programs Coordinator, Vernon, BC

“Brought real-world examples.  Showed good and bad examples.  I loved it.”
Tracy Hyatt, Editor, Westworld, Edmonton, AB

“Excellent examples, really appreciated the different forms of message delivery, such as use of current news clip examples.  Loved the up-to-date information on the use of social media.”
Cathy Cotter, Manager, Human Resources, City of Vernon

“The presenters were extremely knowledgeable and personable. They created a great interactive learning environment which was thoroughly enjoyable.  Excellent job.”
Joanne Ross-Zuj, Ontario Mayor

“I really like the group and one-on-one feedback to improve my interview skills.  This teaching works in the real world.”
Kim Steinbert, Fire Information Officer, BC

“Adults learn by doing and they had us involved from the get go.  Also like the sharing of real life experiences.  Great stories and role playing scenarios.”
Martha Wilson, Toronto Region Conservation Area

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